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2nd Transnational Meeting of Working Smart Project Partners in Ljubljana

In June, the 2nd Transnational Meeting of project partners of the WorkingSmart Erasmsus + Project took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During the two-day meeting, we discussed the results of the project so far and plans for further implementation of the training program in the field of smart work.

The meeting was attended by all 6 partners (where 1 attended online) from 5 European countries, where we achieved great progress in pursuing the goals of the project through brainstorming and intensive cooperation of all partners. The next step in the project is conducting an International Survey to identify the competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities) needed for a Smart Working Manager.

This will be followed by the design of an appropriate training program for HR managers, managers and business owners, with which they will be able to successfully implement and manage smart working in their organizations and establishment of a virtual platform where participants will be trained.

From 13th to 14th of June 2022, the 2nd Transnational Meeting of the WorkingSmart (Smart Working and Open Learning) Project took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The meeting was hosted by the CPU GZS (Institute for Business Education - Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia). The meeting was attended by partners from the following organizations - CPU GZS, Interprofessionnelle Rhone Alpes (IPRA), aiComply, InMedia and HOU (Hellenic Open University). The Spanish partners from the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) attended the meeting virtually.

The meeting was aimed at reviewing and clarifying administrative and financial matters, reviewing the achievements of the quality plan, reviewing the progress of the project so far and achievement of the set goals in all project results and setting further tasks in all areas of the project. All project partners, who are the leaders of the Project Work Packages, presented the achievements we made so far and the plans for the future.

Through intensive discussions during the two-day meeting, we together made great progress in successful project implementation. This transnational meeting also made a significant contribution to improving the relationship and communication between partners and the feeling of greater connection and cooperation.

On the first day, we focused on administration, project management, project quality monitoring and the first Work Package. All the deadlines for financial reporting of partners and quality assessments were presented and discussed. This was followed by a presentation of the results of the first Work Package (Professional Profile) and further instructions for our next step which is included in this Work Package - International Survey - which will be distributed in the form of a questionnaire among companies and other structures, and a discussion on possible risks where we together found some concrete solutions for the successful completion of the Professional Profile.

The next day we started with the presentation of other project results (Third, Fourth and Fifth Work Package) and instructions for further implementation which was followed by a discussion where project partners discussed possible risks and solutions for the implementation of a virtual platform, training program and at the end the dissemination of the project. As the leader of the Third Work Package, where the goal is to establish a Virtual Platform, aiComply presented an example of a potential model of it, where participants will be able to educate / train in the field of smart working. As the leader of the Fourth Work package (the Training Programme), the CPU GZS presented the course and methods of implementation of the Training Programme: Methodology, Framework structure of the Training Programme with theoretical and gamified part of the training (the Training Box), which will help us develop effective and efficient ICT-based educational tools and will support the acquisition of digital and entrepreneurial competencies and the Facilitator's Handbook, which will be used from partners/stakeholders throughout the training and piloting action. The result of this Work Package is developed, tested and validated model of learning and training that has effectively trained professionals to be capable of supporting SMEs dealing with smart working and diversity management. The last topic discussed were instructions for the further implementation of the Fifth Work Package – Sharing and Promotion, where we discussed how to most successfully and effectively reach our target groups. In addition, the design of the WorkingSmart Project website was presented, where we are already working intensively to establish it as soon as possible.

This transnational meeting again proved to be very successful, where we brought the project to a new level and thus achieved that we are one step closer to compiling an effective and quality training program in the field of Smart Working, which will be flexible and suitable for HR managers, leaders and business owners to help them plan and implement smart working in their organizations.

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