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The Psychological Impact of Telework on European Workers

In 2021, it is estimated that 41.7 million employees teleworked across the EU, a number that has double since 2019. While there was a small decline in 2022, the trend of teleworking is set to continue as we observe an increasing number of teleworkable jobs, and employees’ and employers’ preferences are gradually leaning more towards remote working.

Now that we have a bit of a perspective on this way of working, as it has been widespread since the pandemic, we can see the effects of remote work on European workers. Thus, we can now state that, while telework offers various benefits, it also has psychological implications for workers.

Telework offers various benefits for workers

The positive psychological impacts on workers are varied and can benefit both the employees and the companies. Here are some key aspects to consider:

The psychological challenges that come with telework

Despite these important benefits offered by remote work, European employees can also face psychological challenges. Here are some of the main challenges that come with telework:

The influence of employers in the psychological impact of telework on European workers

It is important to note that other benefits and challenges exist within the world of remote working, and the psychological impact of telework varies among individuals, depending on personal characteristics, job roles or work environment. But employers play a crucial role in supporting remote workers and ensuring their well-being by offering efficient digital communication methods and channels, promoting social connection and collaboration between colleagues, establishing work-life boundaries, offering resources for mental well-being, or even by offering technical support to employees who are not used to telework. After all, it’s also in their interest to have fulfilled and happy employees, as the state of mind of workers has a major influence on the company’s productivity and success.

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