The Institute for business education (CPU) has a special place among educational institutions in Slovenia. Through its direct connection with the industry, it connects educational processes with the dynamic development of the economic sectors. CPU has the longest tradition among educational institutions in the field of adult business training. We provide our participants with quality program content based on the needs of the industry and on practical experience. Participants gain crucial knowledge for their career breakthrough. We are provider of upskilling and training events in the following branches: Energy sector, Hospitality and tourism, Civil engineering, Public enterprises, other public institutions and municipalities, Heating and air-condition, Real-estate, Manufacture, Transport and communications, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Trade, Cableway installations and Security. CPU is also valid partner in preparation for examinations, assessment of knowledge and qualifications for national vocational qualifications, basic qualifications, other public authorizations and chambers’ qualifications. CPU is provider of public post-secondary non-university education programs (information science engineer, civil engineer, economist and business administrator).

CPU is a creative partner in various EU projects. Our projects are mainly focused on education, training and competence development in different branches. The purpose of project work is to facilitate our process and personal development as well as increase the quality of our services.


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Grant Agreement: 2021-1-FR01-KA220-VET-000025901

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