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Work Smart Handbook

WorkingSmart sister consortium, WORK SMART-Working from home ( coordinator by The 4Civility Institute (Ireland), is focused on developing support programmes for staff working from home and their Managers and concentrates on the issues of (i) technology (ii) staff welfare and (iii) how to manage staff working from home (e.g., to keep those staff as healthy and productive as possible). A special focus is given to the technology issues essential to both staff and Managers, appropriate training, and support tools to make working from home technologically effective and efficient.

WORK SMART partners from Ireland, Greece, Spain, and Italy have recently elaborated a ‘Hybrid Working Manager Handbook’ aiming to provide SME Managers with an operational framework and practical guide with respect to recent developments in the management of an ever-evolving landscape of work. This 46-page long document is accessible for free ( and is a source of a valuable knowledge and recommendations on how to manage hybrid working in SMEs. 

SMEs managers can learn from the Handbook about many practical principles supporting the successful implementation of hybrid working within their SMEs, or to discover and better understand the most appropriate tools and solutions for managing Hybrid Working. We encourage you to get familiar with this publication. 

Grant Agreement: 2021-1-FR01-KA220-VET-000025901

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