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Shaping the Future: WorkingSmart last project meeting in Barcelona

The 4th Transnational meeting of the WorkingSmart project was held in Barcelona, and was organised by the two Spanish partners, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and Inmedia Solutions. The event gathered eight people in presence and three more connected online, representing all the project partners from 5 European countries - France (IPRA), Greece (HOU), Italy (aiComply), Slovenia (CPU GZS), and Spain (InMedia and UOC).

The occasion was not only a transnational project partners meeting but the last opportunity to debate, exchange and strengthen the relation among the Consortium partners as the project's final meeting. However, WorkingSmart Erasmus+ activity will last until October 31st and beyond with its potential future development. 

According to that, the agenda of the first-morning session focused on project management & quality assurance and evaluation updates. Partners revised administrative and financial issues, as well as the indications to write the final report of the project, led by IPRA–MEDEF. There was also time to reflect on the Quality Assurance and Evaluation statistics developed by CPU. During the afternoon session, UOC presented the final professional profile and aiComply and CPU the last modifications and status of the WorkingSmart training platform.

The second day was dedicated to analysing results and thinking about the future. Therefore, project sustainability was the first topic of the agenda. Partners debated and proposed many exciting ideas to keep the WorkingSmart project and its outputs alive. The goal was to give continuity to the valuable actions developed within these two years of work, such as the training platform, the stakeholders' network or the detailed professional profile of the smart working agent. Great ideas came up from intense brainstorming. 

Finally, Inmedia Solutions shared with the partners the state of the art of the dissemination of the project, reviewing the statistics of our official social media account on LinkedIn, as well as the communication KPIs achieved during the project life. 

The working agenda in Barcelona was complemented by some leisure time that allowed partners to strengthen their relationships and connections among all the national particularities. The European cooperation spirit was highlighted once more.

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